A Guidance for Expanding Shape

Using the Expansion-option in the Face-tool, you can expand a shape based on face-by-face.
Faces rotete around one of their edges.

The Flow of Expanding a Shape

  • When you select a face, the nearest edge is also selected which is marked by green line.
  • Using the face expansion option, you can expand the face, which is rotated around the nearest edge as an axis.
  • Using the expansion option again, you can pack the face.

  • Expanding the face: ADHE around the edge: HE.
  • Expanding the face: ABCD around the edge: BC.
  • Expanding the face: CBFG around the edge: FG.

  • Expanding the face: ABFE around the edge: FE.
  • Expanding the face: DCGH around the edge: GH.

Depending on the order of expanding faces, the resulting form varies.

You CANNOT expand a face if the face's rotating axis is NOT connected to another face.
In the avobe case, the face: ABFE can't be expanded around the edge: AE.
Because the edge: AE is not connected to any face.

Also you CANNOT pack the selected face if the face is expanded around some axis edge, which is the edge of another expanded face.
In the above case, the face: ABFE cannot be packed because it has been expanded around the edge FE and the face FGEH has also been expanded.
While the face FGEH and the HGCD can be packed.
But the ABFE can be packed if the FGEH is packed.